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November - Discovery Club

The DAV Nursery School Discovery Club is a step towards encouraging STEM education at the Primary and Kindergarten levels. The club works to stimulate curiosity and develop scientific temperament in students.  It also encourages evidence-based thinking. 
A Science Exhibition was conducted by the Club to showcase the scientific knowledge of our students. Experiments such as Acid and Bases, Volcano Eruption, Rainbow Bubbles Etc were showcased during the exhibition by our students.



September & October - Mathaholics Club

The Mathaholics Club aims to make mathematical learning inspiring and invigorating for children. Fear becomes an undeniable part of Mathematics as children grow older. However, if Mathematical learning is made activity-based and play-based, it becomes a much more endearing subject for students.

 As a part of its many initiatives, the club conducted ‘Mathland’, an exhibition to portray the mathematical discoveries of children at the primary level in the month of October.


July - Ecolution Club

DAV Nursery School is proud to present its very own ‘Green Initiative’. A club designed to sensitize children towards the growing needs of our planet and also to raise awareness for the cause. An exhibition of the club’s initiatives was conducted in July 2022. The proceeds of the exhibition were donated to Powher Trust, an NGO dedicated to the upliftment of women and children.



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