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Message from the Chairperson  

“Education is the not the learning of facts, but training of the mind to think.”- Albert Einstein 

Dear Parents,

Education is not about creating well-read robots. It is about encouraging them to be lifelong thinkers and learners and igniting a passion for the unknown. At DAV Nursery School, we believe in creating such thinkers and leaders.

DAV Nursery School is unique because of its emphasis on the foundational years of education. These are the years when the child absorbs and assimilates information from the environment, develops cognitive abilities, learns language & communication, and imbibes skills. Some may say that these are the most important years of school life. As a school designed for early childhood education, our school makes these foundational years fruitful and relevant through positive experiences that imprint on children's minds. The infrastructure and the activities are designed to support and nurture such experiences, which help our little ones to flourish.

DAV Nursery School embodies the values and principles of Arya Samaj and is a shining beacon of knowledge and learning. I am glad you are considering this school for your child's educational journey, and it is my promise that your child will experience the best of education and early childhood care.

I wish you the best of Luck!

Venita Kaul


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