Kingsway Camp, Delhi - 110009
Vision and Mission  
Our school forges ahead with the following vision and mission:
1. To create and provide a safe haven for learning and growing. This includes providing adequate environmental stimuli to aid cognitive development.
2. To help children to become emotionally well-adjusted personas and to create in them, a lifelong quest for learning.
3. To ensure that children are not only physically healthy but mentally and spiritually fit as well. Happy children are our main motto!
4. To ensure that emphasis is laid on the holistic development of each child so that there is social, emotional, moral, physical, linguistic and cognitive development. 
5. To encourage cultural integration with students across the world. This involves cultural exchange with Indian and International students. 
6. To create in children, a respect for global cultures and ethnicities by creating a better understanding of the world today. To further encourage them to be aware and sensitized global citizens.
7. Developing communication skills through music and movement, books and literature, speech and creative art &craft.
8. To sensitize children to the trials of those around them so that they can blossom into sensitive individuals.
9. To foster and uplift the local community and the environment.
Our mission is to create and foster a dynamic global environment wherein each child (irrespective of ethnicity) feels welcome and included. Children have access to the best pedagogical practices, the latest technology, and the most effective learning materials & aids, through which they can realize and actualize their maximum potential. Through such actualization, students can become well-educated productive, enlightened minds that can create a better world. 
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Kingsway Camp, DELHI - 110009
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