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Community Outreach  
“Donate books, change lives.”
DAV Nursery School has proudly partnered with Ashraya Foundation in contributing to noble causes. Recently, the school took an active part in the Book Donation Drive conducted by the NGO.
“Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude!
The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us.”
The students of DAV Nursery School celebrated thanksgiving by honouring the true heroes of the school, our band of happy ‘helpers’!
Students made cards, brought gifts to thank their aunties and uncles!

A good deed is always cherished and nourished by everyone and the impressionable little ones follow it as they are always subconsciously observing and imitating every action of ours. 
DAV Nursery School set an example once again for our future generations by joining hands to reach out to the less fortunate ones and make a difference in the society in our own little ways. To take these thoughts further and put them into action we became a part of a Donation campaign.
Keeping these values in mind we donated biscuits to the POWHER TRUST NGO for women and handicapped.
Here are the glimpses of our students donating biscuits for the NGO
DAV Nursery School is proud to partner with Roti Bank!
Global Hunger is one of the most grave problems facing the world today. Roti bank is an organisation dedicated to the cause of eradicating hunger. The social organisation serves baked rotis and food to the underprivileged. They collect leftover food from social events and also from other organisations and distribute it amongst the needy and the underprivileged.
It is always our endeavour to inculcate in our children, the values of benevolence and charity. Therefore, we have collaborated with Roti bank to sensitize our children towards the needs of others. 
Today, our students donated Chappatis and other food items for this noble cause and our students went there to distribute too. Here are some glimpses!


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