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School Rules  
Online School Rules: Screen Ethics
For our online schooling programme, we have outlined the following screen ethics for students and parents:
1. Students must login 5-10 minutes before the class time and must not leave until the class is officially over.
2. Water or washroom breaks are given by teachers to allow convenience. During such time, students must stay logged in. 
3. Students must dress appropriately for online classes. They can either be in school uniform or other appropriate clothing. Night suits or bed clothes are strictly prohibited. 
4. Students must sit with their video on and audio mute at all times. They must not unmute unless asked to do so by the teacher. 
5. Students must choose an appropriate background (preferably a blank wall) and sit in a place with suitable lighting. 
6. The camera must be positioned properly so that the entire face of the student is visible.
7. In case of younger students, where the parents have to sit with the students, the parents must also take care to dress appropriately for the class.
8. Family members must ensure that background noise is minimized. No phone calls must be entertained in the same room as the child. Television noises, smart phone noises and other noises must be eliminated from the room.
9. Students must be ready with all the notebooks, books and stationery before the class begins. 
10. Before each class, parents must make an effort to check the internet connection and the speed to ensure a smooth class. 
11. Students must not eat or drink anything other than water during the classes.
12. For morning classes, students must avoid getting out of bed and sitting for the class. They are advised to complete their morning chores such as brushing and bathing before the class. 
13. Physical exercises must not be performed standing on the bed. They should be performed on the floor, preferably on a mat. 
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