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Dear Parents,

The great philosopher and educationist, John Dewey famously said, 

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

We live and swear by the above adage in our educational practices at DAV Nursery School. While we believe in preparing children for life, the focus of our educational activities is creating in children a lifelong quest for learning. To create such a quest and thirst for knowledge, we encourage children to think, reflect and introspect. Even though such tasks may seem inconceivable for our young minds, we can assure you that our children are taught how to think through a range of activities that enhance their thinking and problem-solving skills. 
Following the long-established DAV traditions of teaching and learning, DAV Nursery School has established a name for itself in the north Delhi area as a unique Nursery School catering to early childhood education. Even though many people mistake early childhood education to be just limited to Kindergarten, it is up to class 2 and encompasses the foundational years of a child's life. These years are essential for developing rudimentary and fundamental skills such as reading and writing. These years require our maximum attention and are often ignored in the more prominent schools in favour of the higher classes. DAV Nursery School provides your young ones the platform to shine and blossom. For our little fledglings, the sky is the limit. They think, imagine and grow every day.

It is my pleasure to invite you to our shining beacon of knowledge. Welcome to the family!

Sneh Verma

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