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New Endeavours and Initiatives  

Endeavours and Initiatives 


Club Activity:

To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents and also prepare them for inter-school competitions, various club activities are conducted throughout the year. 

Club activities not only help students shape their personal interest and hobbies but also improve their leadership and social skills. 

Students share their ideas and enjoy learning from each other during club periods. The various clubs add to the knowledge and ability of students and help build their mental asset. 

Healthify Club (April-May): A club dedicated to the encouragement and development of a healthy living culture. The idea is to encourage the inculcation of healthy eating and exercise habits. 

Ecolution Club (July-August):  DAV Nursery School is proud to present its very own ‘Green Initiative’, the Ecolution Club! A club designed to sensitize children towards the growing needs of our planet and also to raise awareness for the cause. 

House of Thespians Club (Sep-Oct): The dramatics Club exists for the sole purpose of promoting and reviving the art of theatre through various events. The club also encourages the development of language skills in children. 

Discovery Club (Nov-Dec): The DAV Nursery School Discovery Club is a step towards encouraging STEM education at the Primary and Kindergarten levels. The club works to stimulate curiosity and develop scientific temperament in students. 

Creative Pods (Jan-Feb): The creative pods club stimulates the development of visual arts and fine arts.


2. Experiential Learning: 

                    “All genuine learning comes through experience”

When learning is experiential, it becomes more engaging and fulfilling for children. When children are involved in learning, they learn more effectively and joyfully. To make our learning processes more experiential, we conduct the following bouquet of activities:


a) Educational Excursions

Schools nowadays have made educational tours a part of their curriculum thereby making studying fascinating and engrossing. The school conducts theme-based educational tours such as Nature Walks, Rendezvous with Animals, Know your Neighbourhood etc, to make learning more inclusive of experiences that enrich students.


b) Picnics

The school conducts annual picnics with the primary motive of ‘edutainment’, an experience that combines education with entertainment. Such picnics are usually conducted for the entire school in the month of November.



c) Mobile Planetarium


The Mobile Planetarium exposes students to the planetarium experience without having to visit a planetarium. Students get to learn about the cosmos and the universe that surrounds them, within the safety of their school premises. 


d) Road Safety Awareness


The school also conducts a plethora of activities to encourage students to learn more about traffic rules and road safety. In addition to visiting the traffic training park on a regular basis, students are exposed to a variety of road safety related activities. 


e) Recreational Reading


A good book can be hugely satisfying, can teach you about things beyond your daily horizons, and can create characters so vivid you feel as if you really know them. Encouraging students to read more and read frequently is the paramount need of the hour so that they become future leaders and changemakers. 


3. Disaster Management:

The Disaster Management Committee has been constituted to protect children from disasters and eventualities. Not only are safety measures periodically re-assessed, regular drills for fire, earthquake and lift safety are also conducted to sensitize and educate children.

1.Fire Safety: The school has a fire safety protocol in place to protect children against fire safety hazards. Regular fire safety drills are also conducted to ensure that children are prepared for fire-related eventualities.

2.Earthquake Preparedness- To ensure disaster preparedness, students are regularly exposed to earthquake drills to encourage them to react and respond to earthquake-related eventualities. 

3.Lift Safety: Since the school is equipped with a lift facility, students need to be prepared to respond to lift emergencies and sudden occurrences. 


4.Health and Wellness:


Health and fitness is the key to a long, active and enjoyable life. It is correctly stated that Health is the actual Wealth that a person can retain. Teachers design various activities such as Nutrition Week, World Health Day, Doctors Day and so on to enhance their knowledge about staying healthy and fit, and create awareness among others as well. It also results in the development of a healthy lifestyle for children.

Students need to realize the importance of staying healthy and fit. Also, being the future generation, they can play a vital role in creating awareness and maintaining a stable health regime. 


5.Community Outreach Programmes:


Schools need to consistently provide support to the local community and fulfill their responsibility towards the environment. DAV Nursery School has proudly partnered with NGOs and local units to provide such support on a regular basis. Additionally, such programmes help to build values and sensitivity in children towards the plight of the underprivileged.


6.Awards Programme:

            " Life's biggest rewards come from the biggest challenges."


a) Speedy Reader- The Speedy Reader  Programme  is aimed at developing reading fluency and reading speed  in children. Monthly reading tests are conducted under the programme to improve the reading speed in children.


b) Conversation Wizard/ Communication Wizard- The English Conversation Curriculum has been specially designed to improve the conversational skills of children at the Nursery and Primary Levels. The Conversation Wizard Award recognizes the exceptional English Speaking  Skills of children. 


c) Perfect Penmanship-  To have beautiful handwriting is a gift that keeps on giving. To encourage children to develop their handwriting skills, the Perfect Penmanship Award applauds the efforts of children in improving their handwriting.


d) Reading Rockstar- Children must be encouraged to take up reading as a recreational activity. Students of primary level are encouraged to read a stipulated number of books during the year. Based on their reading records, they are awarded medals. 


e) Spellathon- Spellathon is a unique educational activity that combines      education, fun and competition. Students are encouraged to memorize spellings across disciplines and awarded medals based on their achievements.


f) Best Phonetician/ Phonic Singer- This laurel is awarded to students of Pre-School displaying an exceptional flair for phonics of the English alphabet.


g) Picture Reader- The Picture Reader Award applauds the efforts of  students at Pre-School and Primary Level who display outstanding picture reading skills and recognition of letters and words. 


7. Annual Expo Fair: The school conducts expos and annual exhibitions to showcase the skills and talents of our students. Each expo or exhibition aims to integrate the popular themes of the world with age -appropriate topic. 


8.   Panache: Panache is the Inter-School competition organized by the school every year. The competition explores and tests the talents of children across disciplines. Each year, the competition brings forth innovative themes to encourage children of schools from Delhi-NCR  to showcase the best of their proclivities and talents.


9.   DAV’s Got Talent: DAV's Got Talent gives children the platform to showcase their latent talents.  It is a talent hunt that brings together young, brilliant talent seekers. This one-of-a kind talent hunt applauds the talents of children in dance, theatre and music. 

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