Kingsway Camp, Delhi - 110009

Other Facilities  
1)  Each Class Smart Class :

All the concepts are taught with the use of smart boards to make learning more interesting and long lasting.

2)  CCTV Cameras:

School is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras for security purposes and maintaining discipline in the school.

3) Health Care:

The school has a medical room with a basic First Aid facility and a well trained nurse.

4) Air Conditioned Class Rooms:

Children stay more comfortable in the school as all the classrooms are air conditioned. 

5)  Lift Facility:

Those school has a provision for the students as it enhance the outer look, has a fun element, saver the time and energy and increase accessibility to top floors.

6) Concept Oriented Class Rooms:

We believe in using the building as a learning aid and the walls of classrooms are beautifully painted with theme and concept of curriculum.

7) Open Auditorium :

The school has a state of the art stage on the terrace to encourage children to showcase their talents. 

9)New Play Area :

School has a jungle theme play area which is full of various adventurous activities.

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Kingsway Camp, DELHI - 110009
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