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“The first five years have a lot to do with how the next eighty turn out!”

The above adage perfectly sums up early childhood education. In more ways than one, early childhood education forms the foundation of all future learning. In the formative years, the child absorbs an incredible amount of information, learning and skills in a very short period of time. Therefore, early childhood education is an integral branch of education for teachers and educators. A lot of research has been done in the field of early childhood to provide educators with a blueprint for creating the most effective childhood experiences.

 The DAV Centre for Academic Excellence recognizes the importance and the role of EEDP in childhood education and therefore, ensures that new and innovative methodology is introduced every year for teachers to learn, assimilate and introspect on their teaching styles. Day 4 of the Capacity Building Programme 2022-23 (EEDP -Classes 1 and 2) was conducted on 17.09.2022 and provided many such opportunities for knowledge enhancement and development for educators.

The day started with an outdoor session. It began with the D.A.V. Gaan and recitation of the Gayatri Mantra. The session included physical activities to break the ice and create a more favourable learning environment. Games such as, ‘I am the Best!’ and 'Untangle Yourself’ were conducted to kick off the session. Such activities can be implemented easily with children in classrooms.

The morning outdoor session was followed by a session on ‘The Socio-Emotional Needs of Children’. The focus was on the identification of problems faced by children in the classroom and the improvement of socio-emotional learning. Many activities and strategies such as, ‘My Cup-o’-Feeling’, ‘The Mindful Pizza Massage’, ‘Jounaling’, ‘Calm Down Corner’, ‘Act the Emotions’ etc. were suggested to improve socio-emotional health in children. The idea is to help each child to develop a positive self-concept and improve self-esteem.

Additionally, children with special needs were also discussed in detail with specific emphasis on their identification and types. Twenty One Types of Disabilities were also discussed to give participants an idea about the broad spectrum of special needs. Examples of specific cases were discussed to elaborate on problems such as Autism, Speech and Language Impediments, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disabilities and so on. Many participants brought forth problems faced in their classrooms, thus making the session an interactive and participatory one.

The second half of the day was dedicated to the integration of physical education into the academic curriculum. The aims and objectives of such integration were discussed to motivate the participants to create integrated lesson plans. During the training, participants were encouraged to participate in multiple activities such as, ‘Chain Game, ‘Cha Cha- Chair Zumba’ , Hopscotch, Skipping the Rope, Musical Chair and so on.

During the last part of the day, participants were asked to prepare their own activities as derivatives of the physical activities demonstrated during the session. Participants discussed and demonstrated novel and innovative activities in groups.

The day concluded with a vote of thanks by the headmistress, Mrs. Preeti Sethi. The Master Trainers and Assessors were also felicitated for their efforts with planters and letters of appreciation.

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