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We  feel proud to inform you that our students participated in an inter- school competition held at Indirapuram, Public School, Crossings Republik and brought laurels for the school in 5 out of 6 competitions.
The event was called Khoj 2016 which was based on a futuristic vision of 2050 and had a myriad of interesting competitions. 
Our students were appreciated by judges for their effort.

More than 30 schools participated in the event.
Space Odyssey- In this competition, two students (one each from LKG and UKG) had to enact a scene consisting of the popular cartoon characters, Nobita and Doraemon in Planet Khoj 2050 i.e., in the future.
Saksham Baweja from LKG and Jay Aditya Khera from UKG essayed their roles with poise and stood third in the competition.

A-lien Couture
Students (one each from LKG and UKG) had to dress up as aliens from different planets and engage in an interesting conversation on stage.
Preksha from LKG and Dev Sharma from UKG outshone other competitors and won the first prize. They were especially lauded for their costumes and unique make up.

Glue the View

Combining the elements of simple tearing n pasting and a futuristic vision of 2050, this competition aimed to tap the art and craft talents of children. Anshika Rawat from LKG and Anya Mavi from UKG made us proud by winning the first prize in the competition.

Flight of Fantasy

In this unique competition, students had to perform any one scene from a fairy tale in a futuristic setting. Four students from class II, Saesha Grover, Ridhima, Arnabh Dutta, Drishti Choudhary, performed a scene from 'White in Futuracity'. The team was awarded the second prize for its performance.

Beyond Infinity- Creating Advertisement
Priyanshi Verma, Drishaan Jha, Vedanshi, Sumer Pratap Singh of class 2 performed an advertisement for Milky Way Travel Agency which would allow its customers to tour the space.
It was appreciated by the judges and the audience. Our students won the first prize.

All the competitions required students to converse in English.

Kanishka Dey of class 2 and Prachi of class 1 also participated in a clay modelling competition. The theme was transformers. Even though, we could not win any prize in that category, our students participated with enthusiasm and zeal and were appreciated for the effort.