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School Rules  

Do's & Don't :-


Do's :-
1 Parents should furnish to the school, their latest residential office address telephone numbers. They are vital   interest for  safety of the students.
2  Students suffering from contagious diseases should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of quarantine    is over.
3 Parents should regularly check if all school circulars have been received &should acknowledge them through the  dairy.

 Parents should spend daily sufficient time with their wards to ensure a good level of understanding.

   Parents are requested to send their ward clean, well groomed with an identity card and a hanky folded pinned       properly on the    dress to the school.
   Ensure your ward is regular in attendance reaches school on time.
5  Those using school conveyance should ensure that the child is found ready waiting at the place of pick-up, also on the child’s  return from school be  there at the place of pick-up to receive the child.
6 In case the child is not using the school conveyance, parents are requested to hand over the child only to the  school staff at  the entrance gate.
7  In case of picking up a child back from school only the parents or person already introduced to school should  come.
8 Parents are requested to send daily one small clean face towel in the bag with name written on it and extra pair of  under garments and a big towel(with name engrossed on it) for swimming/pool games/paper soap etc.
9  Parents are requested to send Mat & Apron daily.
10  All students are given an identity card at the beginning of the session. This I-card must be worn to school every day as it is meant for the security of the child.
11  Every SPR attended by you is important for your child’s progress and missing it would be an irreparable loss.


 Don't :-
1  Parents are to refrain from directly visiting the class room at any time. The school office may be asked if there is a requirement  to do so.
2    No costly items are to be worn or brought to school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any such items.

Withdrawal of a child is not permitted during an academic year. However in genuine cases like transfer of Job/place of parents, shifting of residence if a child has to be withdrawn a months notice in writing along with tuition fees must be given. Children who get admission in some recognized school also have to inform the school in writing as and when they are selected in the other school. However, they have to continue to attend this school till the end of the session or till they start going to the next one.