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Guidelines of Parents  
 1)  Its is our pleasure to welcome you as a member of D.A.V. family. We expect your participation in the journey of  learning of       your ward.For this parents have to be diligent in some special ways.      
2)  Student Parents Review (SPR) gives parents and teachers an opportunity to discuss the progress of the child. So your              presence in every PTM will be highly appreciated. Dates will be intimated to the parents later on.
3)  If your ward is not making the desired progress you are welcome to contact the Principal/ Class Teacher on any Saturday         (expect second Saturday) between 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. The appointment can be made through ‘Dear Diary’.
4)  Parents are requested to cooperate with the school in the observance of its rules and code of conduct.
5)  Parents/Guardians are not allowed to visit their ward or the teacher in the class room without the prior permission of the            principal.
6)  Parents should return the progress report duly signed within 2 days of its receipt through their wards.
7)  Please ensure that your child comes to school, in proper school uniform. (A handkerchief and identity card with full                    information should be pinned up on the child’s dress).
8)  Any child suffering from any infectious /contagious disease must produce a fitness certificate from a competent authority)         before rejoining school. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine           before returning to class.
       A)  Chicken Pox                                  Till complete falling of the scales
       B)  Measles                                         Two week after the rashes disappear
       C)  Mumps                                           Until swelling has gone
       D)  Whooping Cough                           Six weeks
       E)  Jaundice                                         Six weeks after recovery
 9)  In case of absence even for a day, a written leave application should positively be sent by the parents or guardians.
10) Parents are expected to drop their wards at the school gate by 8:30 a.m. sharp in case they do not avail the school                   transport facility.
11) No short leave/ half day leave is allowed to be taken by the students.
12) The introductory meeting is the first interaction between the parents and the school after the child’s admission. On the occasion, parents are familiarized with school’ system, activities and methods of teaching. They get an overview of how their child will have an all round development over the year. The parents meet the principal, the teachers, the school and the the staff, and begins a fruitful parents – school partnership.
13) Help your ward prepare for the performance and presentation s in the school. These are a great morale- booster for the child. Winning is not everything. Child’s participation in the events and celebrations, itself gives great exposure. So help your child to participate in all the activities.
14) Do not pressurize children with academic work. Rather, give them freedom and encouragement so that their talents and abilities can bloom. Provide a greater exposure to the children so that their general awareness and self confidence can grow.
15) Please ensure that your ward brings a variety of nutritious food in his/her tiffins. No junk food please.