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Mandatory School Committees  
Mandatory School Committees
The school has formed independent committees for taking internal decisions related to the day-to-day operations of the school. These committees include senior staff members who have the basic knowledge and experience for making wise and informed decisions. All committees have heads, and the Principal is the final approving authority and signatory for all the committee decisions. 
a. Sale and Purchase Committee
The Sales and Purchase committee is responsible for the independent review and evaluation of all purchasing documentation such as quotations, survey reports and comparative statements. They hold periodic meetings to discuss the necessary purchases, discuss survey reports and quotations. Then, they take informed decisions concerning the final purchases.
b. Publication Committee
The Publication Committee is responsible for the review and consideration of all the school publications and printed literature. This includes the publication of school magazine/ newsletter/ prospectus/ pamphlets/ banners/ any other material to be printed for internal usage. The decisions of the committee are based on survey, references, price, quality of work etc.
c. Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences (Posco) Committee
The committee is responsible for the protection of children from the offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography.
The committee ensures that child-friendly mechanisms are put in place. It includes providing means for child-friendly reporting, recording of evidence, and investigation.
d. Fixed Assets Register Committee
The Fixed Assets Register Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Fixed Assets Stock Register. The purview includes the regular record maintenance of the fixed assets of the school, including recording the new purchases and the disposed-off items.
e. Celebrations And Functions Committee
The Celebrations and Functions Committee is responsible for the decisions related to all the school celebrations, including festivals, activities, school picnics & outings and Annual Days. 
f. Discipline Committee
The Discipline Committee is responsible for maintaining the overall discipline of the school, especially amongst staff members and employees. This also means ensuring adherence to school rules and protocols set forth by other committees. 
g. Internal Complaint Committee
The Internal Complaint is responsible for ensuring the protection of employees, especially women, against harassment and exploitation. The committee deals with complaints and provides solutions. It is also responsible for taking action in cases of proven misconduct.
h. School Maintenance Committee
The committee is responsible for putting in place the necessary protocols for the maintenance of school infrastructure so that all the amenities are periodically checked for loss, wear & tear and safety. 
i. Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee is responsible for forming the admission policy, rules and procedure. They are responsible for deciding on exceptional admission cases and extenuating circumstances. 
j. Disaster Management Committee
The Disaster Management Committee is responsible for making decisions related to the disaster management protocols. The committee shall decide on areas such as fire safety, protection against earthquakes etc. The committee must ensure that all the necessary equipment required in the event of any disaster is present on the school premises. 
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