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      A Look at The Post-Pandemic Avataar

It has been more than 1.5 years since the ‘New Normal’ has become our collective reality. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, the world was thrown into a tizzy, and survival became the top priority for every living soul. As schools and colleges were closed down, our young, blossoming minds were forced to spend their days away from school and everything else they love. As teachers and students waited to come back to school, slowly, it became clear that the new reality was here to stay. It was time to find other ways to survive and thrive. Technology came to our rescue, and within no time, all the educational institutions went online. However, for our school, the challenge was more potent. As a school that caters to the early childhood age group, we faced a lot of resistance when we commenced our online schooling. The primary objection to this teaching mode was rooted in excessive exposure to technology and increased screen time.

Further, younger children find it more challenging to navigate mobile or computer applications. While these concerns were valid, we devised new and innovative ways to solve such problems. Today, most of our students not only enjoy online school, but they have also learnt to operate and use technology. Further, our teachers have equipped themselves with the necessary skills to make their classes more enjoyable and smooth.  In our online school, children experience a range of activities, teaching methodologies, and learning tools in the daily online classes.  Since we lost access to many physical activities that can be performed in an open classroom, we designed many online tools to aid the teaching-learning processes. While daily lessons are imparted through a series of hands-on activities, carefully curated videos, and PowerPoint Presentations, additional practice and worksheets are done through various websites and quizzing software. Instead of going on actual excursions, our children are taken on virtual tours, which have proved to be immersive experiences for our fledglings.

We have also set up online language and discovery curricula to explore our tiny learners' innate proclivities. In such classrooms, students learn more about the world in a light and fun manner, which stimulates their minds and develops thinking skills. In addition to the usual classroom activities, our children get regular exposure to co-curricular activities such as Dance, Art & Craft, Yoga, PE and Computers.

Since the pandemic's beginning, we have celebrated all the major festivals and national days on the online platform. Additionally, we commemorate special events such as Earth Day, World Book Day, Environment Day, Radio Day, Halloween, Boycott China Movement to create awareness and increase knowledge.

In many such celebrations, we also conducted contests such Poster Making, 'Costume Party' and 'Be a Radio Jockey' to make the celebrations more engaging.  While our school was milling with co-scholastic activities, the DAV stage was simultaneously set for a plethora of inter-school competitions. I am proud to state that our students excelled in every competition and brought numerous laurels for the school. We are proud of our little protégés. Around this time, we hosted our own Inter-School Competition, Panache, for the first time. The event was a resounding success with hearty participation from over 20 schools and 14 contests across age groups.

While the regular Parent-Teacher Conferences continued online, we missed our face-to-face conversations with parents dearly. Therefore, we organized a series entitled, 'Super Mothers' in which we have conducted many webinars and talent hunts to date. More exciting events are in the pipeline. Our talented mothers are not only enthusiastic but zesty as well. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know them at close quarters. The chronicles of our virtual adventures were documented in our two newsletters released in 2020-21. These newsletters were released online with pictures of our virtual world, recorded to the minutest details.

As we continue to conduct schooling online, we are entering uncharted territory every day. Every new day is a day rife with challenges and decisions. However, every new day is also full of learning and breakthroughs. As we continue to adjust to this new reality, we are also moving into an era of education that involves more and more use of technology each day. As we change with the changing times, we welcome you into our fascinating virtual world. Come and experience this novel era of education with us.  

Mrs. Preeti Sethi, Principal,

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